Where to find the best unique handbags online


A woman’s attire is never complete without a matching handbag. Why is a handbag such an essential part of a woman’s ensemble? What are the precious treasures she carries in her style statement? Well, answer for that only the owner of a handbag can give! For now, a well-groomed look of the modern woman comprises of a neat dress, the right make-up, a matching hairstyle and a unique handbag.

Handbags come in various sizes and in a variety of materials. The price range varies anywhere between a few thousand to several hundred thousand depending on the brand, the material and any embellishments on the bag. Some of the most famous handbag makers are – Louis Vuitton, Hermes, Prada, Chanel, Fendi, Marc Jacobs, Lana Mark.

Handbags come in all kinds of materials – Cloth, leather, Canvas, faux leather, suede, nylon and synthetic. Different kinds of handbags are- tote bags, hobo bags, satchel, shoulder bag, clutch, an evening handbag, cross body handbag, weekender, drawstring and wallet.

Typically the everyday use bags are all machine made and are priced reasonably. But the more exquisite and branded bags are handmade. Each handmade bag is unique, one-of-a-kind intricate piece of art showcasing great craftsmanship. Most of the designer bags are handmade by some of the finest artisans across the world.

Making a bag by hand is a laborious and slow process which requires a lot of precision and patience. A single bag takes anywhere between 18-20 hours and if the bag has some intricate features the time taken is so much more. Because of the amount of detailing that goes into each bag making, the number of bags made each year is limited and are priced very high.

So, next time you own a handmade bag, just spare a thought for all the handwork that has gone into creating this unique piece of your wardrobe.